Mischa and Lync

The beautiful Mischa and steady Lync belong to M. She loves to bring them over for playdates, grooming sessions, training and allows them to race with our 4 when J wants to run a 6 dog team. 

Mischa is a wonderful worker, always keen to keep running, and very bright. As a Lead dog she inspires the team and has learnt quickly from Czar how to take corners on command. Czar thinks she's amazing.

Lync is strong and keen, and very gentle. He has raced both in 2 dog teams with Frankie or as a Swing dog in the 6 dog team. His nickname is Missing Lync because he will often wander off to find a quiet spot in the house or garden for a nap.

In 2012, Mischa and Lync raced with us in South Australia and Dinner Plain.

In 2014, Mischa will staying with us for some training, leading up to the NVSDC's Cup.