Meeting the fur-kids

The first time I went to J's place, I walked up to the front door and rang the bell. Something heavy hit the door so hard it shook and the quiet was shattered by a cacophony of barks and howls and thumps. I could hear J calling the puppies away and shutting doors before he let me in.

After welcoming me into the house, J gave me dog-meeting instructions. I had to stand in the hallway and hold my hands in a particular position to block anyone jumping up towards my face. Then he released the huskies. I was immediately surrounded by four gallumping beings who sniffed and snuffled all over my feet, legs and, of course, my crotch. Thanks guys!

Now this was a very different experience to my previous dogs. Although we had a cocker-spaniel x labrador when I was a kid (and briefly before that a kelpie x blue heeler), the last three dogs I had lived with were all much smaller. My own pekingese x maltese was so small when we got him as a puppy that he had to stand in his food bowl to reach his food. As an adult he was easy to tuck into bags and backpacks when he couldn't keep up. The maltese x king charles cavalier and spoodle that had belonged to housemates were all little dogs who had been lovely to pick up and cuddle. And suddenly I was surrounded by four crotch-level noses, whose tails swept the coffee table clean without effort. It was intimidating to say the least!

 Husky, spoodle, maltese terrier x, pekinese x.  (Rough attempt at scale only.)

Husky, spoodle, maltese terrier x, pekinese x.

(Rough attempt at scale only.)

However, with big dogs, it is easier to keep in mind the sorts of self-discipline required. While I've always been guilty of letting little dogs climb on furniture and jump up on people, just because they're so little and cute, with big dogs, these things become untenable. J has always managed to see the cuteness in his dogs, without letting them run the house. So, these guys are lovely and very well behaved. Once you get over the crotch sniffing!