Perfect first date?

Do's and Don'ts?

- tell the guy a long and rambling story about how your grandparents' relationship is a terribly romantic tale of two people who are still madly in love after over 60 years, that has a brief mention of a lollypop. I did.

- turn up with a lollypop as a gift. He did.

- wear hair product. He did. I didn't.

- ramble on and on like a total know-it-all. I did.

- drink through a straw. I did. He didn't.

- describe family histories and situations in detail. We both did.

- ask what the other person thinks about you. I'll let you guess who did that!

- attempt to be standing in a romantic park under the moon for a first kiss... and/or a dirty gutter of a fume filled carpark under a fluoro street light...

Either way, there's barely been a day since when we haven't spoken. Love you, J.