A beach holiday

After moving into the New House, dog proofing, unpacking, getting into our routine, Christmas rolled around really quickly. We spread it over three days and it was a massive effort for J, me and the dogs. It was wonderful, but boy, we were up for a break afterwards!

So, we hitched up the trailer, loaded up the dogs and headed down to join my folks at the beach for a couple of days.

Beach 3.jpg

We took over a corner of the backyard and put the dogs out on their drop chains, where Bolo and Czar immediately dug themselves little hollows in the sandy soils. (This is a natural instinct for huskies to dig themselves down into the snow to get out of the wind. Apparently noone told the boys that it was summer!)

beach 7.jpg

After introducing the pups to the extended family, we had a relaxed lunch, and then my dad hustled everyone off on an outing to a nearby historic homestead. J and I took the pups for a walk up to the jetty.

Walking four siberian huskies at once is always interesting. J hooked three up to a walking belt and I walked Czar on a separate lead. As we wandered along the foreshore, we got plenty of looks and comments.

  • Oh, you should get a sled/skate board!
  • They're walking you, rather than the other way round.
 J walking all four dogs with the walking belt at home.

J walking all four dogs with the walking belt at home.

Some people are very keen to stop and talk, others give us a wide berth. Its always interesting to hear stories from people who've been mushing on trips to the snow, here or in the northern hemisphere. Other people have questions about the dogs - some of which I recognise from my own introduction to J's fur-kids, but others are amazing. Lots of kids (big and little) want to stroke the soft fur, and some have to be encouraged to do so appropriately.

Post promenade chillaxing was then required. At least, until 5pm, when dogs were allowed on the beach. We headed out to our local beach, which was at its very low low tide, revealing long stretches of beach and sandbars separated by little pools of water warming in the setting sun. Lovely!