Day at the Resort!

We took the pups to Kepala Pet Resort for a run and a swim. 

Czar and Lync panoramic.jpg

Kepala is both a kennel and a park, where you can rent yards and pool space for dogs for half or one hour blocks. Unlike the dry and dusty fields between Kepala and the nearby Calder Raceway, it is a green, lush space with tropical palms and thick grass. We met up with M, with Mischa and Lync. The pups were excited to be reunited with their team mates, especially Czar who has a MASSIVE crush on Mischa. (As they're both desexed, this is a totally platonic romance, but they are quite obsessed with each other.) Its very cute.

First we sat under the umbrellas in the dog yard and let the dogs run. (And toilet before we went into the pool!)

You might notice that J only got pics of the boys. That's mostly because Ishka and Mischa stick so closely to J and M that it's hard to catch shots of them running free. They love their peeps! (Is it a girl thing?)

After half an hour in the yard, we moved into the lagoon yard. This yard has a very cute swimming pool, with heaps of filtration and chlorine to cope with all the dog hair, but the water is not fit for human submersion, so we are only allowed in up to our knees. Ishka is a real water baby, and always has been - J has beautiful photos of her duck-diving for a toy as a pup - so she immediately waded into the pool. We had a couple of squeaky rubber balls with us and the others were happy to chase the balls in. 

It was particularly cool to see Frankie getting in the water, as he is the least keen on it. 

See the way Czar rushes to help Mischa? And its a pretty incredible effort for her to climb out that way!!!!

 We also tried out J's water-proof casing for the camera J usually mounts on his helmet. Swim, Ishka, swim!

Ultimately, however, there's only way to get the dogs (other than Ishka) in for a proper swim - one that would soak all the way through that double Siberian husky coat. So, here's some video of J "helping" the dogs get into the deep end!