South Australia - Wild Dog Derby 2012.

There were six in the bed, and the little one said...

The South Australian Wild Dog Derby 2012 was our first race with J running a six dog team - Ishka (recently recovered from a knee injury), Bolo, Frankie, Czar, Mischa and Lync. It was a long trip, so we started early in the morning, and I think the dogs and I all got in the car and went back to sleep! 

 Six in the bed... well, the trailer!

Six in the bed... well, the trailer!

 Travelling to South Australia.

Travelling to South Australia.

M couldn't come with us, so I took a lot of video to show her how her dogs were going. This also meant I got lots of handling practice on the way over, because we two had to stop every three or so hours to water and toilet the six dogs. They love travelling in the trailer, where each has a specific berth, their home-away-from-home for the duration of the trip. The challenge is the height. J can easily reach the latches of the upper berths and lift the dogs up and down. I'm not so lucky, so I usually look after the dogs in the bottom berths.

At the race site, we met up with friends, including the lovely H and her hubby and dogs.  H had kindly offered to handle for us, as several other friends were also competing in the 4/6 dog class. H was competing in a couple of 1 dog races, with her German Short-haired pointer, Milo and her English Springer Spaniel, Sophie.

It was a very early start. 5am, watering (with yummy puppy milk) and then J was off to the 6am driver's meeting. As usual, his class was starting first, so, it was then a little bit of a rush to get the dogs harnessed up and ready to go. (Warning: The following videos contain NOISY dogs!)

Once we were all harnessed up, we had to put the dogs on the gangline, remembering who was Lead, Swing and Wheel. New language for some of us! Then the blessed silence of moving the dogs down to the start line! Unfortunately, my ears' relief was short lived. This video is AT the start line.

When it was finally time to take off, J had the power of six very excited Siberian Huskies pulling him forward. His head snapped back and he took off with a "Holy Craaaaaap!" which I wish I had on video! Despite the lack of training, the team took off straight and in perfect formation. They looked amazing!


Ok, I might be a little biased!