Husky faces

Jon van Zyle, official Iditarod artist, has launched his poster for the 2014 Iditarod, next March.

I love the different faces! The husky on the far left has the same "open" face as Bolo, while just to the left of the musher, the husky has a touch of a "mask" like Frankie. The husky immediately in front of the musher looks a little like Ishka - especially the blissful look of joy at being patted - she is such a daddy's girl!
None of our four look like the all white husky to the right - Karen Ramstead suspects it might be based on her North Wapiti Skywalker, who lives with the van Zyle family. Given that most Iditarod dogs are Alaskan huskies or Eurohounds, it's a real mark of how much people enjoy the classic Siberian husky look, that Jon has chosen pedigreed Siberian models like Skyye.

A gorgeous poster. I think I need more wall space!