Obedience Training Update - week 2

Milo looking cool calm and collected!

Crazy weekend with two of my favourite things - dogs and family (the two legged type!).

On Saturday Czar and I went down to KCC park to see Milo trial in the Community Companion Dog class. Despite it being a hot day, Milo was a perfect gentleman, playing with Czar in the big off lead enclosure and then heading into the ring to take out first place. This was Milo's third pass in CCD class, which means that he has now achieved that title - great work!

Milo and Czar in the big enclosure at KCC Park.

Milo (just left of the lady in pink) checks around him during the Sit-Stays.

In between trials, of course, we talked nothing but dogs and obedience and training. There is always an incredible amount of advice and help available at these events, from people watching the dog at a different angle and giving feedback about whether that bottom really is hitting the ground, to discussing pros and cons of clicker training. I have to admit I had a small case of information overload afterwards, but that's to be expected!

On Saturday night, we had family over for dinner, and the puppies were so excited to have a visitor. Fortunately, noone was fussed about white dog hair on black clothes or lots of doggy breath in the face! Czar was a bit too exhausted for lots of play, but everyone else was keen for a new victim, I mean friend, with lots of pats. 

Learning to "charge" the clicker.

Hi Aunty JJ... zzzz...

Sunday morning, Czar and I were back to obedience class, which was cut a little short by the rain. Not to worry, we had a good chat with some of the other husky people there, including Bree's dad DD. He took Czar for a couple of trips up and down the club house verandah, much to Bree's dismay, but it was a great help to have the one-on-one tips about little things like hand position. I've been following various tips from both Saturday and Sunday's discussions with Czar, three times a day since, and I am feeling much more confident and happy with our progress. Let's see what next class brings!

Raring to go!

DD gets Czar to Sit In Heel

Bree says: But Daddy, those are MY treats!!

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