Making friends

A friend commented recently on people crossing the road to avoid him and his huskies. I replied that that has only happened to me when walking Bolo while he is wearing his muzzle.  Usually people are comfortable walking near us, but having someone want to stop for a pat and a chat is something special. Its always lovely when someone wants to meet them.

When I took Czar out recently, we stopped in at a local pet store with a hydro bath. I had to park a little distance away and as Czar and I walked up to the door, a man stopped us in the middle of the footpath and asked to pat Czar.

The man was very good with Czar, offering him a hand to sniff before touching him. He stroked Czar well, confidently rubbing ears and head, just the way Czar likes it, before running his hands down Czar's flanks. He made the usual exclamations, encouraging the lady with him to pat Czar too, and she asked how soft he was, before stretching her own hand out to touch Czar's fur. She was more hesitant, but his enthusiasm was infectious.

Czar isn't as soft as our others, I explained through my grin, he has a wiry coat for a husky.

The man asked the sensible versions of the usual questions, checking that Czar was a husky, rather than assuming or commenting that he was small for a husky (people who are confused with malamutes). How many did we have? Did we take them to the snow? Do they like pulling sleds? After a couple more pats, he said thankyou and moved on. Another moment when I wished I had business cards with the blog address! But I walked away with massive smile.

Czar responded happily to both of them, enjoying their pats, and gently sniffing both hands. He didn't jump up, but was unusually calm around these two new friends.  I don't know whether he understood that these two were special. But they were.

You see, the first thing the man said to me was "I'm deaf. Can I pat your dog?"