Power of public interest

Today I received an email regarding my submission on the latest proposals to amend the code of practice for animal breeding, formally known as the Revised Code of Practice for the Operation of Breeding and Rearing Businesses (Revised Code).
Due to an overwhelming number of public submissions to be reviewed, the Code will not be ready for release by the government for some time. I am really pleased that the government is listening to people, because already they are telling us that
"Please be assured that the Revised Code will include:

a) a ban on the use of blunt force trauma as a form of euthanasia;
b) a requirement for barbiturate overdose to be carried out by a veterinarian; and
c) a ban on the use of wire floors in any pens used for housing breeding dogs or cats and their puppies or kittens. "
This will go a little further towards the end goal of groups like RSPCA and Oscar's Law - to make humans more humane in the treatment of animals, especially when it comes to puppy farming and breeding for profit.
Well done everyone who responded to calls on social media to have your say on this issue, power to the people!!