Xmas party fun

Daddy, she's making me wear tinsel! 

Another highlight of the Siberian Husky Club's Xmas party was the awards.

Lovely to see people getting out there and having fun with their dogs. Waggiest tail! Dog who looks most like their owner! Best trick! Best dog in costume! 

And, as a nice little memento of the Year of Vet Bills, Frankie won "Baldest dog". Usually this is a prize for the most groomed dog, or the dog that's dropped all their winter undercoat. But our Frankie has had a bare belly since his trip to the veterinary hospital back in July, when he was shaved to have an ultrasound, in a hunt for a mystery infection. Fortunately, the very expensive gamut of testing revealed only an easily treatable urinary tract infection, and Frankie is now fully recovered from the UTI and its side effects.

Weirdly, his belly hair still only has a little fluff growing on it. Maybe he'll get it back next winter, but in the meantime, three cheers for the SHCV 2013 Baldest Dog!


Lining up for baldest dog competition. Check out the abs on that puppy!

Don't look so modest Frankie, that's a very expensive haircut that won you that prize!