Socialising huskies - in the waiting room.


Dear random lady in the vet's waiting room,

No, I don't want your little dogs "saying hi" to my dog. That's why I said "no". Do you need me to explain my decision? Sure thing.

1) This is a husky. Many huskies do not get on well with small dogs, because they have a strong prey drive. I don't want my dog to mistake yours for her lunch. But maybe you didn't know that.

2) This is a vet clinic's waiting room. I'm pretty sure you knew that. And that probably means that one or more of the dogs present is probably sick or injured. That means potentially contagious diseases that I don't want spread around. Or a grumpy dog in pain who won't appreciate strange dogs in her face.

3) I'm trying to have a conversation with my partner and the vet nurse, and I can't supervise my dog socialising. You know, my back is turned and everything. Or did you not realise that supervising dogs when they meet strangers is a part of responsible pet ownership?

4) You didn't ask. You didn't ask if my dog was friendly, or if it was ok to say hello. You just assumed my dog was well mannered. What are you going to do if she's not? Would you approach someone's child without an ok from the person looking after them? 

5) Your small dogs appear to lack manners, straining to get right into my dog's face, growling and yapping. Don't you know how to properly introduce dogs? Do you know that dogs don't  distinguish between small and large dogs, when it comes to rude or threatening behaviour?

6) I said no. Maybe you can't read dog body language very well, but I didn't arbitrarily make that decision, I looked at my bristling, growling dog before I said no. If you're not going to listen to her, I'll make sure you listen to me. Because its my job as her handler to keep her safe. I wouldn't let a toolie leer at a girl in my charge - I'm not going to let your dogs invade my dog's personal space.

Is that clear enough? Please take your small dogs out of my personal space and away from my dog.

 Ishka in the waiting room. 

Ishka in the waiting room.