Interior design husky style

With Ishka going in for another ACL surgery this week, we spent some time today organising our family room accordingly. 

Both last time and this time, friends at Snofall Siberians have been kind enough to loan us a "C" crate - big enough for Ishka to lie down without bending her leg. Also important to give her her own space while she's recovering, because she won't thank the boys for bounding around her or trying to play with her.

Since last time the "C" crate was here, we've moved the couch, so we had a little bit of a challenge to fit it and the other three crates in the room, AND still have space to walk to the back door. This is what we've come up with - the "C" crate in place of half the usual stack of crates, which have been moved under the kitchen bench. Frankie is modelling the palatial "C" crate for us.

I like this big crate... can I keep it?


Not the best photos, sorry.

Not sure how well this will work - might take us a few days of shuffling things around before we get it right.


Bolo looks pretty happy!

Next challenge, replace the crate mats!