Big Day Out for Dogs

On Sunday J and I took Czar and Ishka out to KCC Park to the Big Day Out for Dogs - the Christmas festival for Dogs Victoria. Amazing crowd! The entrance to the park had a queue of cars heading in both directions, and the parking areas were chockablock with cars and trailers. Most of the cars had bumper stickers that declared their allegiance to one breed or another - just like us!!

We had a go at Lure Coursing and then stashed the pups back in the car while we went to check out the vendor tents. Most of the lawns where show and trial rings are usually held were covered with rows of canopies and small rings. The place was FULL of people, many of whom had their dogs with them. All kinds of breed clubs were present in the rings and tents, and many were trotting around with their people, being really wonderfully well behaved.


The German Shepherd puppy in the middle was especially cute, with floppy soft ears. Another little pup I saw looked very embarrassed to have his floppy ears being supported by cardboard and tape splints, in an effort to let his ear cartilage develop.


The hound in the middle had just completed a run through the tunnel after several attempts and was triumphantly galloping back to his mum, so cute!! (And how nice to have a dog that comes BACK!) The little dudes in the centre bottom were having so much fun wrestling!

 And check out the smile on the cattle dog on the right below!!


I couldn't resist the crate full of Cavies, so sweet!!

And its always lovely to bump into friends at an event like this - Max and Lily with their mum were helping dog the All Westie Rescue stand!! Yay little guys! 


Love having cuddles with Max!!

Unfortunately, it was another busy pre Christmas weekend for us, so we didn't get to hang around for long, but we will be back next year. By far, the best pet expo we've attended in ages!