Missing our pups

It's been a wonderful long weekend in South Australia - always happy to be J's co-pilot on a long trip, then the beautiful wedding of our friends S&S, and lots of sightseeing (mostly yummy sights!) around Adelaide.

Very special to catch up with friends from my time living in the UK - my traveling specialists - we met on a hillside in Greece, and visited places from Ireland to Egypt, raged around the UK, and up and down the eastern states since we all came home. One of the things about living overseas is finding yourself a new family, and even though we only see each other once every year or so these days, these ladies are definitely family to me. 

 Classy... And, um, not so classy? ;) 

Classy... And, um, not so classy? ;) 

Tomorrow, we drive back to Melbourne, and I am so excited to see our dogs again. I am thoroughly confident that M has done a brilliant job looking after them (mostly because she has regularly updated us on what's happening at home!) and that they've had a wonderful time playing with Mischa and Lync. But I am really looking forward to the following (in no particular order)

- Czar's blue eyes looking at me from somewhere next to my hip

- Frankie leaning into my shins with his slightly frantic "my turn, my turn" attitude

- Ishka's tentative kisses  

 - Bolo telling me all about his adventures while I've been gone

Thinking about this reminded me of this meme I've seen being passed around lately - here's to all the dog mums!