Day to day with sixteen paws.

Since J got home on Monday morning, we've just been chugging along, busy and happy.

Ishka went to her fourth vet appointment on Tuesday, got a great report and now we're waiting for the monthly followup. She's delighted to have her Daddy back, and is sleeping in a very odd position - an attempt to get closer to him?

Work is picking up, despite our best attempts to support union bans and work to rule.

Dogs to walk, family to hang out with, friends to catch up with... oh yeah, and sleep, glorious sleep! J got up yesterday to toilet and feed the dogs - my first morning off in three weeks - and I slept through all the hullaballoo! (I do feel a little abashed to say first morning off in three weeks, as J gets up before me every weekday, and then still gets up early to look after the dogs on the weekend.)

Since becoming involved with huskies, friends regularly send me husky related jokes and memes. This is my favourite one for the week:

 Half under the bed.

Half under the bed.