Dances with dogs

Dances with Dogs is a really new and amazing canine sport... yes, it really is a real sport - the Australian National Kennel Council approved it back in 2009. I'd heard it mentioned, but it was only when I saw this clip below, featuring an Alaskan Malamute at a Eurasian competiion, that I really understood how incredible this sport is. The dog is totally focussed on the owner, keeping his face tilted up at her at all times. Mind blowing how good their routine looks!

Here's a finalist from the Dances with Dogs competition at Crufts, the UK's most famous dog show.

I wonder what Bolo would look like as a ballet dancer...

Hmmm. Maybe not.

In actual fact, Bolo is trying out the new booties that J has acquired for the 2013 racing season. These will be worn if the dogs are getting damaged or sore feet, or if the snow is particularly icy and sharp. These are commonly used in long distance races like Iditarod, especially on Alaskan husky or other breeds. Siberian huskies are generally felt to have tougher feet, and sprint races like those held in Australia are rarely long enough to cause damage - the only dogs I saw wearing booties all of last year were a pair of spaniels competing at the Dinner Plain races.