My first training run

Dark and cold split by hot panting breath, piercing lights.
Watching Frankie sprint after J with Bolo and Czar, until my own lack of fitness kept him back on the hills.
Flying along the flats. Diving down the hills.
All the weight on the front, hands in a death grip on the handlebars, fingers clawed around the brakes, desperately trying not to squeeze abruptly.
Eyes on the blue line, tight between me and Frankie's harness as we speed along, then going slack as my scooter hits top speed. Minor panic - must not wrap blue line around axle!
Gently braking to avoid hitting Frankie, avoid going over the handle bars.
Moonlight and torchlight reflecting off the creek.
Quiet except for us. Crunch of gravel. Whistle of wind.
Sudden darting of the dogs off the path, eager eyes on a tree branch suddenly empty.
Back on the trail, on home, on home.
Gasping, drinking, panting.
Flopping on couches and dog beds.

Distance: 3km
Trail: Home park to the tunnel
Running Time/Rest Time: 16 min/24 min.
Top Speed: 15.7 km/h
Average running speed: 11.3 km/h

- managing toilet runs before we head out - saves on cleaning up the park afterwards too!
- improving my fitness!

Next run: 1.8km - Home park short loop... Tomorrow?