First training run of the season!

Our recipe:
Take six, highly excited dogs (M brought Mischa and Lync over for the run.) and a linear park.
Add a small crowd of interested viewers (the G family came to check out what it's all about).
Remove irritation or distress on the part of the neighbours (I knocked on five doors during the afternoon, to discover many people were away for the long weekend and those who were home all had dogs of their own and were understanding and appreciative of the preemptive apology.)
Wait til after dark to ensure as many people as possible are out of the park, and ask Ishka and Lync to mind the house - much to their disappointment.
Find a spot to attach the quick release (handy gum tree out the front) and line out four dogs who are deafeningly clamourous!
The musher pulls the quick release, tries to not run over the handlers, and takes off. The audience go rushing off along the footpath in the opposite direction ( add giggling to taste!) except one clever clogs who watches the team take the 100-120 degree turn into the park - apparently it was pretty impressive!
Once in the park, the musher has to select appropriate paths, keep an eye out for late night walkers, especially those with dogs, and watch the performance of the team - Frankie was wearing a new Seavey harness to try and support his sore back, Mischa hadn't been with the team since the last cup race last year, and Bolo, well, J always watches Bolo!
The audience has to try to predict where the team will come past, and chose the right entrance into the park. (We were rewarded by an amazing view of the dogs coming out of the light fog, backlit by the rig lights - alas, no photos!!!) The audience also has to make sure they don't distract the dogs (but Mischa still tried to come visit her mummy!) and then hurry back to help unhook the dogs.

Top speed: 25.1km/h
Distance: 2-3 km
Rating: 4/5 stars