joys of blogging

This blog has been lots of fun for me and if no one ever read it, I'd probably still keep writing it. But it is so nice when people do! Both dog friends who have often been doing this stuff for many years and who patiently answer my silly questions and help me try to get details right, and other friends who I thought might have gotten sick of of stories many months ago.
Actually, it's hard to know who does read it- it's a lovely surprise when I'm catching up with someone and they tell me about reading my blog, because otherwise I don't get any info that tells me who clicked the little like button. (Although one friend apparently clicks it regularly to watch the heart dance across the screen!!) squarespace (my blog host) only offers me cute little graphs (sorry, moment of maths teacher nerdiness there) although Facebook hosts many comments and likes. They help keep me motivated to write and suddenly I've successfully kept a regular journal of the last few months for the first time in... Well, ever.
One of the best things on my blog (for me) is the visitor map feature, but I must confess, I've rapidly become blasé about my little clump of local readers and gotten very excited about the single icons overseas. Some I can identify as friends or family, but others are mysterious... Italy? Sweden? China? South America? and others are truly exciting because they suggest that "real" sled dog people in North America like what I have to say.
After posting about my first race yesterday, I have had over a hundred visitors. The visitor map only tracks some, and without a lot of accuracy (my home location can be out by three suburbs), but it gives me a wonderful feeling of support when I look at the Melbourne part of the map and see so many little red markers.
Thankyou everyone, no matter where you are, for reading about my weird and wonderful doggy life.

Your crazy dog lady,