post-surgery day 1

J collected Ishka from the vet this morning and she's had a comfortable day at home.
Thankyou to my sister for dog-sitting for a couple of hours so J could nip back to the office for his afternoon meeting - I promise next time there'll be more cuddles and less watching a snoozy dog in a giant cage!
Thankyou to everyone else for kind wishes - Ishka seems bright and alert and mostly pain free. No whimpering, brave girl. Her leg looks very odd, completely shaven from hip down, with a thick fluffy white sock. So far, she's been very good about leaving her stitches alone.
As per vet instructions, we're letting her walk short distances to the water bowl and to the toilet, but otherwise we're keeping her in the big c crate. She can lie totally flat on her side in there, leg stretched out. She's hopping along on three legs very gamely when she's out, but if she decides she needs to circle once or twice before lying back down again, she will gingerly rest the white sock, toes only, on the ground for balance.
The boys have been quietly happy to welcome her back, but she has warned them off firmly, so we've been careful to ensure that either they or she are crated at all times. She was much happier to see her people - despite being a total Daddy's girl, she hopped over to greet me with kisses, and unusually affectionate, leaned her chest into my body. Normally she would have stood resolutely independently wobbling! Currently, she's in her usual spot next to J's side of the bed - half off her mat in her usual position, no matter what.
Good to have you home Ishka!