Back into Training

After being crook last week, last night, I was back into training. Frankie and I followed J and the other boys out into our local parks and had a great run. Exciting to chase the disappearing lights of the rig but even more exciting to leave them to follow our own, shorter loop around, flying solo.

Distance: 1.7km
Average speed: 9.2 km/h
Top speed: 18.9 km/h

Given Frankie's issues with his back and his tendency to slack right off when he gets tired and sore, not to mention sight seeing, I was absolutely thrilled to look at the mushometer map and see how Frankie had managed long stretches of well paced running. He was focused and happy. On the couple of occasions that he wanted to stop to mark trees, he was back on the trail as soon as I called. No possums, but our neighbours the G's came out to provide some distraction training on the home stretch.
Well done little old man!