Romantic surprise

Since J and I got engaged, about 6 weeks ago, I've been wearing a lovely, thoughtfully chosen ring that J had selected and had shipped out from my mum's family's home county in Ireland. It's not a traditional engagement ring, but an engraved silver band. It's a wonderful keepsake but J was adamant from the beginning that a "real" engagement ring was needed.
I loved the design he had in mind, and we hunted around for the perfect version, but alas, there didn't seem to be anything similar in Australia. We did the rounds of several city jewellers, without success. Every time we showed someone the image we'd selected, they expressed concerns that the ring could only be made with less than quality craftsmanship. Finally, we tried a jeweller out in Warrandyte with a reputation for unique designs, where we could speak directly to the goldsmith. Suddenly, all the issues disappeared. Ruby Tuesdays in Warrandyte were able to make a high quality, skillfully executed, BEAUTIFUL, engagement ring.
Of course, J wasn't content for us to just go out to pick it up together. He had to construct an elaborate plot to fob me off, sneak out solo to collect it, smuggle it away on our long weekend at the NVSDC Classic and surprise me with a moment of romance. Fortunately, he gave away the idea of jumping off the rig as it crossed the finish line and getting down on one knee, because I'm sure that would have ended with us crashing into each other and the ring going flying into the bush, in front of a huge crowd. Instead, he chose a private moment, a sweet surprise, and I smiled for the rest of the weekend!