Never give up!

Taking off at the start line... hard core crazy eyes.

Photo courtesy of Leah & Ian Creative Photography, 

The NVSDC Classic used to be known as Undera, when it was run by the Undera Club. And there were some people who were unlucky enough to be hit by the Undera Curse - to never finish a race at the big Queen's Birthday weekend race. 

This year, there was some speculation that J might have inherited the curse. A last minute change to his entry led to him running Frankie in One-Dog Veteran, kindly leaving me to run Czar in Novice. Unfortunately, these two divisions were being run, with Juniors, at the same time, and we only had one scooter between us. Being a gentleman, J loaned me his scooter and borrowed another from a friend.

On the first day, we both got out and had a good run, returning to camp very close together.

On the second day, I was back, Czar was watered, out of harness, and rubbed down, but there was still no sign of Frankie and J. We waited and waited.

Finally they appeared, very hot and sweaty. The borrowed scooter looked like this:

 Um... isn't that foot plate meant to be mostly flat?

Um... isn't that foot plate meant to be mostly flat?


Fortunately, the scooter can be repaired... I hope.

Apparently, as they took off from the start line, there was a kerplunk. A little bit later, J realised the scooter was moving really oddly. Tyre check? nope, nothing wrong there. Something stuck in the undercarriage? nope, it looks clear... oh, hang on...

At this point, Frankie, who is not the sharpest tool in the shed, was still pulling, keen to run. J thought, why not? So they kept going. For the next 2km... all... the... way... to... the... finish... line... yay!!!! 

Well, I don't know about the Undera Curse, because J and Frankie did manage to cross the finish line, in accordance with the rules.  

But, just in case, the NVSDC Committee awarded J the "Hard Luck" award for the weekend! 

Congrats baby, very proud of you! 

Home again, home again, jiggedy jig!

Photo courtesy of LC Pet Photography.