Czar the giant

Little Tina and Missy's parents came to visit us tonight and meet the husky kids. Huskies are a lot taller than Maltese terriers!! Noses can reach into new places!! Laps aren't quite big enough. Especially for Czar, who is a very tall husky. While Bolo and stocky Frankie can only just reach the table top without standing on their tippy toes, Czar-czar can comfortably rest his chin on the table. Perfect spot for getting your ears scratched. Preferably by as many hands as possible. After all, when you're the baby in the family, you need lots of love... apparently.

Bolo: hello?

Bolo: the table is sticking into my cheek!

Czar: my head fits very comfortably here...

Czar: mmm, lots of pats and scratches is goooood!

Czar: you can come over anytime!