In the eye of the beholder

Can I ask everyone to keep your fingers crossed (or whatever you do in troubling times) for Frankie this week?

Frankie is named for Frank Sinatra, with his beautiful blue eyes. Unfortunately, in the last couple of weeks, Frankie's eyes have been increasingly red rimmed and angry looking. After one vet ten days ago was unable to identify what was happening, we've decided to consult with a vet that specialises in ophthalmology. The appointment is booked for tomorrow afternoon.

Since the appointment was booked yesterday, Frankie's vision has also deteriorated. Last night he ran into the closed mesh door of his crate. It's potentially difficult to see a thin black metal wire in a dim evening room, so we didn't immediately panic. However, tonight, he seems unable to see our facial expressions or gestures. He wants to sit leaning on my legs, and if he walks around my legs he bumps into them multiple times. He can see Ishka's white face and chest sitting in his crate, but can't see hand signals he usually obeys happily.

Some dogs cope beautifully with the loss of vision, but Frankie is a nervous dog, who panics if he suddenly realises someone is stepping over him. We are deeply concerned that he will be terrified of the entire world if he can't see what's coming. So, please, keep your fingers crossed that tomorrow's vet appointment goes well, and we have good news about Frankie's eyes.