Eye specialist visit

There's a big choking ball of sadness in my throat.

We went to the veterinary eye specialist today. Frankie was very good, much calmer than we expected, and very accepting of a huge range of tests of his eyes. Of course, this is easier when you have no vision to be aware of all the bright lights being shone in your face. He didn't flinch even when the vets mimed wacking him in the eye.

The vet diagnosed panuveitis in both eyes. This means extensive inflammation of the retina, optic nerve and surrounding tissue. He believes the issues are due to a generalised illness, immune system issues, cancer or meningitis. We have no idea what, as he has no other symptoms. None of the others show any issues. We're confident its not contagious.

Another specialist vet tomorrow for more tests.

Best case scenario, it's a treatable illness. Worst case scenario, is, well, worst case scenario.

Keeping fingers crossed.