Just a quick one because I know people have been waiting for news - thank you so much for all the lovely messages today!

Initial test results are all normal - no sign of cancer or lymphoma or any other major illnesses. That doesn't mean we're not in the early stages of something, but at the moment things look more hopeful than last night. Because the underlying cause of the blindness is still undetermined, the plan is to hit it is with corticosteroids to stop the inflammation - we're basically going to assume that it's a immune system overreaction, and try to lower it.

The eye specialist and internal disease specialists are going to build us a long term plan of attack and keep in touch to ensure we're not trekking back and forth between vets. It may take a long time for Frankie to get his vision back, and noone can tell us how much might return, but at least now we have something we can do.

Fingers still crossed, but not so scared for our beautiful boyo.