Post-surgery update - week six.

Ishka's first walk since the surgery.

This Thursday will be six weeks since Ishka had surgery on her ACL, and the repair seems to be holding up really well.

Last week while I was away, J took her for her first "walk" - they walked down the path next door to the park behind the house and back again, maybe 600m in total. For a dog who used to run six kms, that's a big step down, but J sent me a pic of this smiley, waggy little girl, who was clearly so excited to be allowed out of the front yard.

 Sneaking up on Ishka and Frankie in the outdoor room.

Sneaking up on Ishka and Frankie in the outdoor room.

She's not yet allowed in the back yard, partly because we don't want her rough housing with the "young" boys, Czar and Bolo. And partly because she ruptured her ACL on our steep back stairs to the lawn, and we're trying to protect her other hind ACL from going the same way. So instead, she's been in our outdoor "room", along with the Owl that came to visit, and her Tassie devil toy from her puppyhood. She was pretty lonely, doing a lot of pacing, howling, whining and generally not resting. (We know because J was watching her on the security camera he'd installed out there.) After a week, we thought the neighbours must be getting pretty annoyed, so we put Frankie in with her. Frankie has no intention of wrestling or playing chasey with anyone, let alone bossy britches Ishka, so we thought they'd be nice and quiet together.

That worked really well, and the two of them spend a lot of the day sleeping back to back on the enormous dog bed out there.
I think she probably prefers having a bed to herself, if she can be inside with people. This is how I found her at one point this morning. Enjoying having the bed to yourself princess?