Frankie update

Wonderful news from the veterinary ophthalmologist tonight!! 

Frankie has one eye pretty much completely back to normal. The other eye still shows some poor response to light, and inflammation of the optic nerve. Given how successful the corticosteroid treatment has been, and how quickly Frankie's eyes responded (first sign of significant improvement within three days of topical treatment and 12 hours of oral treatment), the best guess about the cause is still just the urinary tract infection found by the internal medicine specialist at Werribee Veterinary Hospital.

However, we're not done yet. J will take Frankie back to the internal medicine specialist next week to see how the antibiotics are fighting off the UTI, and we will continue treatment. As the treatment is based on suppressing his immune system to stop it attacking its own cells in and around the eyes, we have to stay alert for any signs of redness. The treatment may become ineffective if the immune system keeps striving to fight any remaining infection. Or the removal of the infection may be incomplete, leading to a resurgence of the problem once the antibiotics are finished. 

In the meantime, we were thrilled that today, Frankie wasn't very well behaved at the vet's. Not because we wanted him to behave badly (being twitchy and unhappy about the vets trying to shine lights in his eyes) but because it meant that he could SEE! The vets were very happy to see the placid, oblivious dog, who crashed into every obstacle in the room, transformed back into a "normal" husky (they don't know Frankie!). 

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