Frankie update

It's been a crazy couple of weeks, and I'm getting really behind in the blogging, sorry to anyone waiting for the next installment. There's lots to tell - the second part of my race with Bo, the brave efforts of my brother and his partner dog sitting for us, the first of the two Australian snow-based sled dog races, and now we're already on the eve of the second.
But, with an eye to keeping a work/life balance that includes family visiting from NSW, wedding planning, and staying sane, the blog has gone on the back burner. This weekend I'll be writing, ready to post next week when we're back home to our own wifi.
Meanwhile, I'm very excited to share something I noticed this morning about Frankie's eyes. Most friends will know that we had a terrifying experience a few weeks ago when Frankie suddenly and inexplicably went blind in both eyes. The eyes were very inflamed and the pupils hugely dilated. A veterinary ophthalmologist sent us to an internal medicine specialist at Werribee veterinary hospital with grave fears that Frankie's immune system was attacking his eyes because it was trying to fight another, severe illness, such as cancer. And we were told there was only a 50-50 chance he'd ever see again. We were seriously discussing how this would affect Frankie's quality of life and whether we could afford a huge vet bill, preparing ourselves for potentially putting Frankie to sleep.
The internal medicine specialist was unable to find anything other than a urinary tract infection. We still don't really know what caused Frankie to go blind. However, he has been on some massive doses of antibiotics and corticosteroids (topical and oral) and we've been seeing great improvements. First, the awful redness around his eyes faded and eventually vanished. Secondly, we became aware that Frankie could see large objects in close proximity and he stopped hitting his head or face on things he couldn't see. But his pupils remained hugely dilated and it was very hard to assess what he could see.
Today, as we are surrounded by snow and the light is very bright, all three of our blue eyes boys eyes look amazing. The dark blue closest to the pupils is visible as their pupils shrink in the bright light. And yes, all three! Today is the first time Frankie's enormous pupils have shrunk past the pale blue of his outer iris to show some of the deep blue that gave him his name.
We're back to the ophthalmologist next week and hopefully they'll be able to see improvement inside Frankie's eyes as well as outside!