Bolo's new bootie

Bootie number three on Tuesday afternoon.

We've been back to the vet again for the third check of Bolo's paw this afternoon. Again, we brought Bolo back wearing a home made version of the bandaging he left in. This time, it was our fault that the yellow bootie had been taken off - it was so secure that it took quite some effort to remove it!

After having the yellow bootie replaced on Tuesday, the new design lasted much better. There was no slippage and minimal chewing. Rather than watching the pieces appear around the house one by one, we were very happy that Bolo's foot was well protected.

Then on Wednesday or Thursday, Bolo started limping a little. At first it was just a little, and it looked like the new firmer bandaging was stopping him flexing his "wrist". But on Friday, the limp was pronounced - he was barely putting weight on his foot at all. We took the adhesive bandage off his "forearm" to see if it could relieve the discomfort. After a half hour, no change, that foot wasn't going anywhere near the floor!

We started cutting through the layers of yellow cohesive bandage. It was very firm and very well attached. On either side, narrow tape "stirrups" were providing a solid foundation. As we peeled the stirrup off the inner side, we found the problem. The dew claw was pushed heavily into his flesh by the bandaging. He had a bright red, oozy looking raw patch under the claw.


Because by this point the bandaging was in pieces, we took the remainder off, accidentally pulling off the scab, so the pad started oozing thick red blood. We dosed the whole thing with antiseptic, staining my ring finger purple in the process, and put a narrow bandage over the pad.

Surprisingly, this little bootie survived the weekend (with a waterproof covering when outside) and this afternoon the vet declared herself happy with his pad. He has finally started to grow some of the thick, grainy skin that covers the pad, and the deep slash into the flesh has become a shallow patch of new pink tissue. We are nearly back to having our normal Bolo again!

The latest bootie is much smaller and bright orange, Only cohesive bandaging and nothing else. The area under the dew claw and between the pads are still inflamed, but much improved. We'll continue putting a weather-proof bootie on when Bolo goes outside, and hopefully in another week, the granulated tissue will be firm enough to need no covering at all. 

 Bootie number 5!

Bootie number 5!