Living with huskies - sleeping arrangements, part 1

I just came into the bedroom and found Ishka like this - she looks happy, doesn't she?


Tomorrow is moving day and in anticipation of an early start, we have dismantled our bed and put our mattress on the floor. Suddenly Ishka can rest her chin on our mattress - J thinks that if he wakes up tonight, she may very well be staring him in the face, as she used to as a puppy, when she was allowed to sleep on the bed. 

Tomorrow night, our first night's sleep in the new house will be a shock. The plan is that tomorrow night, the dogs will sleep crated in the lounge, rather than on dog beds on our floor. For Ishka, this will be the first time in almost ten years that she hasn't slept within a few feet of J. For the three boys, this will be the first time since they came to live with J, that they won't be right there. For the first time since I moved in with J, nighttime in our room will have only two people snoring... 

It's hard to predict how this change will go down with the fur kids. Certainly they may grizzle and moan, especially early in the morning when they need to go to the toilet. But we're hopeful they will cope and even make the adjustment calmly. Certainly when we camp out in the trailer, they sleep in their berths all night long, but this is still within arms reach.

Even if it takes a few restless nights before we all feel content with the new routine, it's worth it to do it now. Once the Wee Monster arrives in about five months time, the dogs will not be able to wander freely, especially at night. It's really important to us that dogs have no opportunity to resent the new arrival, so we want all the changes to happen now, long before the dogs are able to connect the events. Hopefully this will help us bring the baby home to a calm and peaceful house.