Living with huskies - a secure yard.

Over two weeks now in the new house, and it is finally starting to look and feel like home. We still have boxes instead of books on the bookshelves, but we're getting there. 

The dogs have adapted quickly to sleeping in crates instead of in our bedroom. After the first restless night, they've largely slept through peacefully. It's strange not having dogbeds in every other room, but we just don't have the space here. So the pups are actually spending more time on the furniture than previously, which may present problems in future, but we will see. 

The back yard is now all set up - thanks to SB for his help setting up the pens! 


We chose to put the pens under the verandah to provide a solid dig-proof floor, and a weather proof roof. I was a little worried about smells and drainage issues but so far almost all toileting has been done out on the grass, so it hasn't been an issue.


The "younger boys" Czar and Bolo have the end pen, and we've closed the middle wall to create a pen for the "oldies" Frankie and Ishka. We are hoping the smaller size pen will stop Czar pacing and perhaps enable him to put on a little more weight. He currently eats twice what the others do and is shockingly skinny, even for a husky, who are meant to be lean.


Why snooze on your own bed when you can snuggle with your brother, eh Czar-czar?

The bricks look wet in that last photo because the refilling water bowls had just been installed, with a little spillage. 

Elsewherr in the yard, extra fences have been installed to prevent dogs getting up to mischief behind the garage or down the side of the house close to the neighbours' patio. The Hotwire has been installed, and three of the dogs are now giving the fence line a respectful distance. Guess what doesn't care? He hasn't been shocked yet, he's just rather nonchalant about the possibility. Oh well. 

Unfortunately, a few pot holes have appeared which is disappointing. I'm not sure what we can do about it. So far they're mostly restricted to the non lawn areas... Small mercies.

  homemade side fence and Hotwire in the background.

homemade side fence and Hotwire in the background.

When we're both working away from home, the dogs are spending their day in the pens, but if J is working from home, they have the run of the yard during the day, and that's when they seem to decide to do some landscaping. Oh well.

We also elected to pick up all the fallen and low hanging oranges, after the dogs started chain-munching on the fruit. Apparently oranges in moderation aren't bad for dogs, but too much citric acid can lead to UTIs and other issues. 


Frankie helping himself to oranges. He didn't seem to mind the peel, although Czar found it indigestible.

Crazy spring weather means almost constant lawn mowing at the moment, so I guess we'd better get on with Saturday chores!!