When bureaucrats are people too.

It's always lovely to be pleasantly surprised by people. Yesterday I rang Dogs Vic, chasing up a membership number for me and an associate registration for Czar. This will allow us to enter some Rally-O competitions, and I wanted it quickly to meet a deadline for an entry.

A friend rang me yesterday on my lunch break to remind me about the deadline - she really wants me to make this first Rally - something to do with a rule that the person with the lowest score shouts dinner? I think I'm guaranteed!! 

I rang Dogs Vic, and successfully got my membership number. First level, achievement unlocked! Then it was about Czar's associate register.  I was really disappointed to have the person I was talking to tell me that Dogs Vic is a pedigree dog association. I felt like getting really sarcastic and suggesting a name change to Pedigree Dogs Vic, or even asking if the suggestion was that I return my dog to a pound? Dogs Vic have made an effort to expand their role to include all dog owners that wish to be members, but some of the old Kennel Club style attitudes die hard.

Things got increasingly snooty; I was told there was A Process, and despite my deadline, my number wouldn't be available til next week. I couldn't really argue with that, a certain person had been telling me to get this sorted since beginning of January. I got off the phone feeling disappointed in myself and frustrated with bureaucratic red tape, not to mention the cold shoulder I'd been given. 

Imagine my surprise today, when I checked my phone and found I had a voicemail from one of the Dogs Vic folk I'd spoken to yesterday. Completely unexpected - I'd been under the impression that I'd have to chase it up next week. Instead, they'd taken pity on me and not just got the number through, but rung up AND emailed me to deliver it! Wow, great service!! 

One of the difficulties in any big organisation is that sometimes people get so caught up in The Process, that looking after members and potential members comes a distant second. It's always really heart warming to have someone go out of their way to help you. Thanks Dogs Vic!