Wedding weekend cont

Day 2 of our wedding weekend was ANZAC Day - a public holiday to commemorate the Australian and New Zealand Army Corp's fallen soldiers, on the anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli in Turkey in WWI. 


It also happened to be the second anniversary of J and my first date - an epic trip to the Melbourne Museum, where I talked waaaaay too much (how unusual!) and he, gorgeous man, listened and listened, and still wanted to go out for dinner afterwards.

At Dinner Plain it was a beautiful, crisp, blue sky day. We had a relaxed breakfast at Rundells and trundled out to our not-so-secret ceremony location. Hmm, too windy? Not too windy? What to do???


We had lunch at the delicious Mountain Kitchen, which has some of the yummiest food you've ever tasted - as well as a very cute collection of all kinds of knick knacks. It was also fun bumping into friends there - friends from Whistler Lodge came in for more tea, and friends from the Australian Sleddog Tours came in for some lunch and stopped to talk about huskies!!  

We went over to meet the puppies at the Cattlemen's Hut and had a wonderful time chatting and having puppy cuddles. 

Finally everyone started arriving, after many hours on the road.  We had a crazy couple of hours with phone calls, messages, questions, wedding rehearsal with only half the folks, trying to deliver all the bits and pieces to different people, make sure everyone checked in ok, get ready for dinner and, in the midst of all this, our dogs arrived!!

After dinner, I was so excited to see my babies! I got big kisses from everyone. Our friends from Snofall Siberians had picked them up from Dishlickers Pet Resort and driven them up. They all looked beautiful, clean and fluffy from the hydro bath, and so excited to be out and about in the bush - Czar was on the lookout for rabbits, while Frankie and Bolo just wanted pats. 

Dinner at the General was a wonderful opportunity to mingle with guests - high school friends, family, scouting friends, family, work friends, family, husky club friends and more family!! Some of our guests had come down from NSW, ACT, SA, driving many hours to be with us. It was lovely to have time to see everyone before the wedding, and some people started meeting, mingling and catching up. My family (old Fitzroy fans) were very happy that the football was up on the big screen - the Lions first win of the season.

We had to make a special fuss of RE who had spent her birthday in the car trekking the nine hours from the Central Coast of NSW - amazing lady, who I met in Greece, spent heaps of time in England with and then travelled to Ireland and Egypt with. Lots of fun memories!

Day 3 has dawned cold and blustery. Fingers crossed it clears up for us this afternoon!! 

 Photo by SD of Snofall Siberians.

Photo by SD of Snofall Siberians.