Mischa's letter to her mummy

Dear mummy

I don't mean to complain, but can you please find me a new racing team? These people are hopeless!

In our first race that big, silly, studmuffin Czar pushed me round the wrong corner, and poor Aunty got chucked off the scooter. We lost a whole minute, while Aunty scrambled around in the dust, in the evening heat. Then in the morning, we worked really hard to make up the lost time, but Aunty and I were both a bit tired after the run the day before. 

When we go racing, we're not allowed to play with the other dogs at all! And, Frankie wouldn't be a gentleman and give up his bottom bunk. To get into the top bunk, someone has to boost me up. When its time to get down again, I get really scared. The only way I can cope with my fear of heights is to shove my face into Uncy J's armpit, and then he ends up holding me upside down. Its very undignified. 

In our second race, Aunty took us down the wrong trail and added a whole extra kilometer to the trail! By the time we finished, I was EXHAUSTED!! And, just to add embarrassment to injury, we were beaten by malamutes. MALAMUTES! Mummy, I was mortified, let me tell you!

And that lug nut Bolo? Would you believe he found a yummy treat on a recent walk, but he wouldn't share. Then Aunty was really mean, shoving Czar and me away and wrestling with Bolo to confiscate the treat!!

I thought our third race might be third time lucky, especially since you brought my big bro Lync and my little cuz to come see us race. But no, again, Aunty had to fall off and break the scooter. Although it was fun getting to ride in the car back to camp, pulling Uncy J on the scooter behind the car meant we couldn't go very fast. I was so upset that we had to scratch, because I'd been hoping to show Lync how much fun I was having!

I guess it is lots of fun living with Aunty and Uncy J. I do like getting to play with the other dogs, and I like that Aunty gives me crusts from her toast when I do the right thing before she leaves for work. And I do really love going walking and running with Aunty. I just hope that next time she and Czar can get it right!!

Oh yes, and I do like my bedroom. Its got a low roof, but I get it all to myself, and its got a great shoe collection!



The best thing about staying with Aunty and Uncy J is their really cool backyard!! I can spend hours and hours hunting shadows out there at night, it's so much fun. This morning I even caught a bird! But Uncy J confiscated it. Really, they are such spoilsports! Can't I go stay with a real racing team?

love, Mischa moo.