Our geeky honeymoon - blogging.

So, normally I avoid apologizing for gaps in my blogging - it's my online journal and I want to keep it fun by not pressuring myself to meet imaginary deadlines. But I really was enjoying sharing daily posts, and I **am** sorry that I only managed a few. This comes down to two technical reasons and one personal one. 

The first technical reason is that we had a great deal of difficulty accessing Internet while we were away, and I tend to use live blogging apps that require a wifi or 3G (or better) connection. Our first morning in the UK, we bought a UK Vodafone sim so one of our iPhones had unlimited data and the other could access a wifi hotspot generated by the first iPhone. This turned out to be really disappointing. Firstly, we had a lag of several hours between the new account being live for phone usage and the data coming through. While we were driving from London to Cardiff, and were trying to use google maps to navigate. 

Then we found we just couldn't get 3G or better access from the Vodafone sim. J had done a lot of research before we went away to try to find the best service for the best deal, and he'd chosen Vodafone based at least partly on their UK coverage map. He knew we'd have a couple of days without coverage and he was ok with that, but most places we should have it. We didn't. The number of places where we only had GPRS or E coverage, or no service at all, was really disappointing. J speculates that this is because our Aussie iPhones didn't connect to UK frequencies (I hope I said that right) properly, but whether it was the phones or the service provider, it was disappointing.

And then there was the ship - I hadn't realized that even when we were in port, we were reliant on satellite hookups... Which... Are.... Achingly... Slow. And expensive. So we had to ration wifi. 

The second technical reason is human error/hardware related. I'm very tough on iPhones. And I killed another one while we were away, and refused to lug my iPad around with me. It made me realize how iPhone orientated J and I are. We both spend a lot of time fiddling with phones, especially when we're sitting around waiting. Which we did a lot of, on the ship, waiting to disembark, waiting for our coach or tender, waiting for tubes in London, waiting for each other to come out of the toilet, waiting to get somewhere on the tube or a coach. Personally, I love (this will surprise noone who is on our Facebook fan page) taking photos, Instagramming or Muzying them, texting/emailing/posting them, checking in places, tagging folks, and using technology to record what I'm doing. But I also use my phone a lot for things like audiobooks and podcasts, following blogs, fact-checking, and other time killers like Tetris and Angry birds. And I missed those things quite a bit, especially when J was knocking off Angry Birds levels while we were waiting to disembark, or when I was having some difficulty falling asleep and wanted an audiobook chapter to lull me to sleep after J started snoring. (BTW he doesn't snore badly, I just mean audible sleep-breathing.) I was pleased that I didn't miss my phone too much, after the first day or so. I certainly didn't feel the need to rush out and replace it, just waited til we got home to dig out an older, cracked screen iPhone and install my back up. It did mean that I have to wait for J to upload photos from real cameras, but his high quality shots are worth it anyway.

The personal reason for not blogging so much was this: I decided not to. It's been a hell of a year, with wedding planning, my grandmother passing away, racing season, work and a few health issues too. I am used to working inceasingly flat chat for wees, and then having regular holidays to stop and recharge. The last couple of holiday breaks weren't very relaxing, with wedding planning and family being very important, very special things to spend time and energy on. So I decided not to battle the technological issues, just to stop, enjoy the honeymoon with my husband, and be fascinated by what I could see and do on the far side of the world. 

I guess I'm not sorry for not blogging after all.