Being solution focused is sexy.

I love my hubby.

I hope noone puked when they read that. I also hope noone is terribly surprised - after all, it's only been a couple of months since we said I do, in front of family and friends, crying tears of happiness (ok, maybe that last bit was just me).

But why am I making uncharacteristic declarations on my blog? Because right now, my hubby is sitting at the dining room table doing this: 


Some of you will get it immediately, but for the non technical, like me, this is the story.

Last weekend, between sick dogs and my still-swollen knee, J went to the races solo. He and our friend BV were both wifeless for the weekend and teamed up. After the Saturday night heats were done, the two guys got in J's car and headed into town in search of fuel. At the time I was on my way home from dinner with my folks (my mum's immediate response to me being stuck at home for the weekend was to invite me out, love you mum!) and I rang and chatted to the guys. We laughed and bantered and I don't remember all the things we said, but I do remember saying, as I was getting off the phone "drive safe, watch out for roos!"

For the non Aussies, roos or kangaroos are very active at dusk. The technical term is crepuscular (such a cool word!). They graze along quiet road sides and move in singles and mobs to find fresh pastures and somewhere safe for the night. Driving through any isolated bush areas in the early evening, folks find roos and wombats trundling alongside the road. Roos can jump suddenly into the path of an oncoming car, wombats are a grey shadow on a dirt road, and both have devastating consequences if you can't stop in time.

  My cousin's first meeting with a roo got a bit tense when he decided to stand up for a kiss, and a wombat - a furry tree stump of an animal - images from the Internet.

My cousin's first meeting with a roo got a bit tense when he decided to stand up for a kiss, and a wombat - a furry tree stump of an animal - images from the Internet.

I'll spare you the gory details, but J and BV did hit a roo last Saturday night. Poor roo. Poor boys trying to humanely deal with the situation. Poor car. J drove back to Melbourne on Sunday severely worried about the damage to the car's chassis and steering. It's been at the mechanic ever since. 

This weekend is one of the last races of the season for me. I have been dying for the Physio to give me the ok to race. To say I was annoyed at suddenly being with transport for our trailer, our home away from home, our mountain of gear (personal and club) and our dogs, for a journey a mere hour across Melbourne, wow, understatement plus!

And this is why I love my hubby. He's spent the week organising a hire car that can tow, that can tow our ginormous trailer and that we are ALLOWED 

by the hire company

to use for towing. He's organised for Mischa to come racing with us, while I was too busy with work to make phone calls. And this morning, while I packed, showered, did housework and played with dogs, he drove all over town collecting said hire car, and hunting for an adaptor to connect the rectangular trailer electric plug to the round car electric socket. No joy. But he didn't give up. He is now MAKING an adaptor to connect the electrics on the trailer to the hire car. 

Thankyou honey. I couldn't be happier.