Why Frankie Blue Eyes ain't leading the Husky Rat Pack!

Frankie, our eldest dog, is definitely not the Alpha dog in our pack. He lacks the confidence, the charisma and well... the intelligence to lead a team of huskies. Case in point:

One night last week, Frankie came in from the backyard looking like this:


Being pretty confident that no teenage girl had thrown a tube of fake tan into our yard, I thought this was probably clay. Apparently Frankie had been digging. Amazing how dirty one dog can get! Amazing how sheepish one dog can look!

J was out at the time, and when he got home, I told him about Frankie's make over. Because he leaves early for work, he elected to go grab a torch and check the fence for tunnels. He was surprised to find one that was hard up against the hot wire - Frankie gets very upset if he touches the wire - would Frankie have tolerated getting shocked repeatedly to dig a tunnel into next door's back yard? It's more of a Bolo thing. J put some rocks in to block the tunnel and called it a night.

Next morning I took the boys down to the pen and found the hole J had described to me.  I was still not convinced it was the source of Frankie's new look.


Hmm. No clay. Come to think of it, looking around our sloping backyard, I couldn't see any clay. The only clay patch is where the pen floor, previously an old swimming pool, is cut into the slope. And the pen has a floor of anti-dig mesh. No holes in there, especially none big enough to put Frankie's whole head into.

I wandered around the back of the pen, and the dogs led me to this: 


Aha! Clay! Just the colour of fake tan too.


So, Frankie had been digging to try and get into the pen, eh? Well, dogs have been known to dig their way into chook pens, rabbit hutches and warrens... But what was Frankie looking for? Obviously there are no birds, rabbits or other tasty animals living in our dog pen! A dropped treat? A toy? Who knows.

The really funny bit was that I knew exactly when Frankie had been out there digging that tunnel into the pen. And you know what? The pen door had been standing open at the time! 

Ah Frankie, you're not the sharpest tool in the shed, but you do make us laugh!