So, you're thinking about breeding your dog... Part one.

This has come up a lot amongst my friends & family lately, and I think we should admit, all dog lovers are tempted from time to time. We see our beautiful animals and we think oh, why not make more gorgeous, clever, gentle dogs just like Spot? When we are tempted to breed, we need to consider the following questions first.

1) Does the world need more little Spots? 

Look at dogs listed at your local shelters, pounds and rescues. Is your breed well represented?

Today the RSPCA Victoria has 97 dogs listed - that's just ones ready for adoption, there are undoubtedly more being processed - and five of the first ten are Staffy or Staffy crosses. The remaining five are a border collie, a husky and some hound crosses.


 Read about the recent controversy when one Victorian pound was challenged about their kill rates - they were receiving 16,000 dogs per year.

Every Arctic breed rescue I know is bursting at the seams, unable to take more dogs from the pounds unless more foster homes can be found. A friend who has German Short-haired Pointers regularly reports three month old litters of GSPs & other hounds being offered for free in the local trading post - litters that haven't found homes and are starting to get big and boisterous.

Read about why Arctic breeds are so over represented in pounds and rescues. 

Unless Spot is a miracle dog, chances are that there are already beautiful Spot-like puppies out there in the world - shouldn't we, as dog lovers, find those dogs a home before we create more? 

Part 2 is now available here.