Walking the dog and the pram - balancing dogs and babies

At this time of year, it's getting colder. The huskies are getting restless, energy building up, needing to be burnt off. In the summer, our dogs don't need a lot of exercise, in fact, it can be dangerous to walk the dogs on hot pavements, in high temperatures. But in the cooler weather, arctic breeds can need a lot of walking. Or running. Walking for miles, for hours. And, since the Wee Monster was born, neither J nor I have had the time or energy to walk the dogs adequately.

This weekend I finally felt well enough to start walking again. After much discussion with other husky and Bald Puppy mums, I felt that the best way to do this was with a haltie, but our haltie has gone missing since we moved house. So we had to improvise.


This is a very blurry picture of Bolo walking next to the pram on Saturday afternoon. You can see the black band across the back of his head, securing his muzzle, and the purple line attached to his green collar. That purple line is attached to my walking belt (courtesy DB Scooters).


The black band of a walking belt sits low on the hips (at least, its meant to!) and the handles of dog leads can be attached to the cable, purple on my belt. But in this case, we clipped the purple cable directly to Bolo's collar. It gave him exactly enough length to walk beside me, a little in front of the heel position. Ok, quite a bit in front of the heel position - he's a tall Sibe!

I did have to brace a little to walk with Bolo attached to me in this way, but it allowed me to walk with my hands on the pram handle. I could keep Bolo from putting his nose in the pram, something we've been working on at home, but out walking, he was far too keen pulling me along. The other trick, as I had been warned, to walking with a pram, was to try not to run over Bolo's feet. Unfortunately, this is quite hard, and I ran over his front left foot more times than I could count. Fortunately, he didn't protest, just kept pulling me forward. We'll have to keep walking on it!

On Sunday, it was wet and wild, so we seized the opportunity to have the local offlead park to ourselves! Free running for both Czar and Bolo, who sprinted happily up and down, splashed in the puddles and chased birds. Lovely!!