SHCV Snow Walk 2015

So, before I knew J and the huskies, there was snow. I loooooove snow! I grew up skiing, swishing down tiny hills amongst the gum trees here in Victoria. Then there was NZ - first with family down at Queenstown, then a couple of times with friends at Mt Hutt. Then there was the U.S. - Vermont, California, Vermont again. And Europe, where the ability to ski from France into Italy for lunch and back again is a thrill rivaled only by the hilarious Austrian apr├Ęs scene. So it is really important to me that Wee Monster learns to ski, gets the thrill of glistening white slopes under brilliant blue skies, and the resilience born of having to pick yourself up, wrap yourself up warm, and turn into a sleety, grey day to make the most of the limited snow season Australia has.

But you've got to crawl before you can walk, and Wee Monster is only 18 weeks old, not even crawling yet, so we started out with the SHCV annual snow walk. Last time we went, it was a cold and foggy day. This year it was a brilliant blue sky and absolutely gorgeous!!


J looked after the fur kids and I had the bald puppy in his baby carrier. We were joined by about 14 other dogs (11 1/2 huskies, 1 Shiba Inu and 1 Phoenix) and about 19 other people. It was lovely to see the dogs checking out snow... of course, Bolo had to do it in his own special way. Well, I guess he has to put that muzzle to some use!

We wandered about a kilometre and a half along the trail and back again, chatting and hanging out. Wee Monster slept in the baby carrier very happily, which gives me hope that he'll be ok at the snow races over the next month. 

Thanks to Najodia Photography for the beautiful photos!