Sixteen feet no longer. Goodbye Ishka.

Today we had to make a devastating decision and say goodbye to Ishka.

Things had been deteriorating for a little while, but when it arrived, the final moment was a shock, a swift jerk to understand her reality. Ishka has always been a tough animal, hiding her pain in her drive to work. But now she is painfree.


Things will never be the same. She was the dog that started it all. She was J's heart dog. He is devastated. Ishka has been by his side for 11 and a half years. So many of my photos of her show her on the couch, cuddled up next to him. But it's not just her physical presence that meant so much to him. It has been her loyalty, her love. Her devotion to him was obvious and it has been an anchor in his life. When we met, they were a package deal. I quickly realized that these dogs and the lifestyle they required, were a wonderful part of the lovely man I was getting to know. When we got married, Ishka was our ring bearer. I think she would have referred to herself as our Best Dog.


We are indebted to Australian Sleddog Tours, who trusted Jamie with Ishka as a puppy. She will be held forever in our hearts, our beautiful brown eyed girl.