A new bald puppy added to the pack

This week, we added to the pack, with a new puppy. Well, a bald puppy. A small human. Our second little boy, who has been met with general approval by the other puppies, both bald and fluffy. 


me, Wee Monster and Little Bunyip.

 Czar and the Little Bunyip

Czar and the Little Bunyip

One of the midwives had the task of checking that we felt confident with all the things we needed to do safely at home with a newborn. When she asked if we had dogs, I realised that this was one area where I did feel really confident and comfortable.  

Three years ago, preparing to bring home the Wee Monster, we were obsessed with preparing the dogs. We planned out a schedule of changes over several months, we researched behavioural triggers and emotional behavioural tells, we exposed the dogs to all the baby smells, sounds we could.

This week, when the midwife suggested I send home an item of clothing with the Little Bunyip’s smell on it, I chuckled about how times have changed. I hadn’t even thought about it!

 Careful, polite introductions. 

Careful, polite introductions. 

Our dogs have responded beautifully, despite our lack of preparation.  Over the last three years, they have accepted our Wee Monster as part of the pack. They are excited and interested in the Little Bunyip, but politely so. They know how they are allowed and not allowed to behave. They knew that I was pregnant, they picked up the new arrival’s smell on J every time he came home from hospital and they have shown no surprise at my return with a bundle. They are also, three years older and more mature. Well, sometimes, they still leap frog around the back deck, like puppies, but then they snooze the afternoon away. 


All that said, we still have a hard rule - dogs and children are never left alone together. They are ALWAYS supervised!!