Feeding dogs - living with dogs and toddlers

Tonight, the Wee Monster (2 years old) came up to me and said "he ate it, number 3, he ate it"

I giggled. Wee Monster hasn't got the grasp of "I" yet, so it's a lot like talking to Elmo from Sesame Street. "Huh?" I said.

The small blonde person in front of me didn't giggle. He looked very serious as he repeated "he ate it"

We had spent the early evening attempting to make fudge and Wee Monster had had a spoon to lick. I'd seen him offer it to Frankie through the bars of the crate. Recently he's also offered the dogs his own water bottle through the crate. I try and explain that dogs can't suck on straws (while ignoring the dog germs he's coming in contact with, and reciting "it's good for his immune system" over and over) but it's hard to get that idea across. 

 Standing in front of the dog crates last weekend. Frankie to the left of picture, Czar to the right.

Standing in front of the dog crates last weekend. Frankie to the left of picture, Czar to the right.

But now he was still looking very serious. "Czar Czar."

I thought for a moment and realized that he hadn't been carrying his spoon around for a while; he'd been playing with the magnetic letters and numbers off our fridge. Uh oh.

I looked over at the dog crates and realized that Czar *was* chewing on something. I shrieked at him to drop it and threw myself across the room.

Sure enough, there were three brightly coloured and very very chewed fridge magnets in his crate. I snatched them up and quickly took stock.

An "o", a "h" and an "i". Fortunately, all three magnets were in my hand. One had popped off the twisted plastic, but hadn't been swallowed. No pieces of plastic seemed to be missing. Thank heavens.

I looked up at the small blonde person watching me from the doorway, still looking really worried. I held my arms out and he ran over for a cuddle.

"Mustn't feed Czar Czar plastic!" I tried to explain. "Not food! It would make him very very sick." I put the two year old down and headed into the kitchen to bin the fragments.

As the lid clanged shut, I looked back at Wee Monster, still standing in front of Czar's crate. "Berry berry sick" he said to the husky inside.

Oh dear, I have a feeling we're going to have an interesting phase for a while! #alwayssupervisedogsandchildren #toddlersputthingsinweirdplaces #luckyhecantellmewhatswrongnow