Kit’s first week

Wow things change so quickly with a puppy around!

Kit’s first couple of days with us were enormous - so many new things for a little pup. A big drive, a new family, a new house, his first collar... when we first got home Kit didn’t venture far from my ankles.  If he could have climbed into my lap, he would have, but it was occupied.


Our first big, accidental! success was with the crate training - Kit almost immediately decided his crate was a safe place when there weren’t any ankles to shadow. He hasn’t cried overnight and generally accepts that the crate is a good place to hang out when we’re cooking etc.


Over the last week his crate has started to accumulate some soft and chew toys, and he loves stretching out in funny positions next  to the bed!

Much to my relief, because carrying him and the baby wasn’t really possible, he’s worked out how to go down the back stairs, as well as up. He’s learnt how to stand up to drink out of the mounted water bowl (I haven’t managed to capture a pic of that yet, I am trying, it’s so cute!) and we’re working on the toilet training. Having to get up overnight to the Small Bunyip makes it easy to make sure we take Kit out at least once during the night.  

And best of all, he’s learning how to get along with the Big Dogs.  

When we introduced them all at the breeder’s place, everyone was more interested in sheep poo and farm smells. Once home, Czar and Frankie were extremely keen to sniff every centimetre of Kit, who was inclined to either sit firmly on his smelliest region to control the situation or to seek help. Gradually, he’s come out of his shell. Czar very quickly asserted his position as pack leader by giving the pup one good nip, and now Kit waits to be invited to play with Czar. Frankie, however, has his crate invaded, his heels nipped, his collar tag nibbled - sometimes we have to separate them when we feel the (just turned!) 13yo is struggling. Both adult dogs have extended Kit “puppy licence” and tolerate him getting in their space in a way they wouldn’t allow another adult - amazing the way that instinct has kicked in, after 10-13 years since being around puppies!

Fortunately for all of us, every so often, Kit just has to nap!