Czar and the Bunyip; dogs and babies

Our Little Bunyip is nearly 6 months old and watching him absorb the world around him, learn about his own body and what it can do, is absolutely fascinating. Watching the dogs interact with him is especially wonderful. Dog body language can be very oblique, but sometimes it is so clear. 

Czar, who we estimate is probably 11 now, has definitely decided that this baby belongs to him. He was never as interested in the Wee Monster as Ishka was and then Bolo. He demonstrates this very clearly, offering his proximity as rarely before.

Today, Little Bunyip and I were sitting on the couch, when Czar came up and leaned his long back on the edge next to us, clearly looking for a scratch. He allowed a small hand to bury itself in his coat, but when I reached for my phone, he took himself off to his crate.


Little Bunyip watched Czar with great interest. I called Czar and he came back for more pats.


Czar initially stood with ears back, keeping an ear on LB and me.


Something drew Czar’s attention, and his ears flicked forward, but he remained relaxed.


Czar turned and put his head into the reach of LB. He allowed those little hands to grab his face, without showing any moon eyes, teeth or making any noise.

I’m always so impressed by his patience and trust!

 Of course, he might have just been looking for crumbs!

Of course, he might have just been looking for crumbs!