Changing names

I’ve always loved the special names people give their dogs, kennels and racing teams. Puppy litter themes that allow the rest of us to identify litter mates, mean so much to the namers - a special point in time, a feeling, a tradition, a pop culture reference. Team and Kennel names around us are fun, Howl and Hoon; strong, Cry Havoc; elegant, Norstarr; specific, Cartymal; and sometimes all of the above, Snowsteeds.

I’ve been searching for the right name for us for years.


J called his original photography business Huskywatch, but I never wanted to be tied to a husky specific name. We also toyed with Running Dogs and Urban Mushers, but I ended up with Sixteen Feet as a joke about the pitter patter of 16 little paws. For a couple of years, that suited us quite well. Then things changed and they haven’t stopped changing, and probably never will. Since we started Sixteen Feet, we have moved house twice, three times, had foster dogs come and go, brought our Wee Loch Ness Monster and Lil Bunyip home, lost Ishka and Bolo, and now we’ve acquired Kit. We’ve expanded from sledding into skijor, then Rally O and hope to keep moving into obedience, agility, back packing and maybe even dock diving. I wanted a name that would stand the test of time - something elegant, strong, clear, not tied to a surname, a suburb or a breed, and not related to a specific number of dogs. 

I’m hoping Evenstride will fit the bill.